Weight Loss


Why choose HIEMT PRO?


EMS Body Contouring High Intensity Pulsed  Electromagnetic (HiPEM) technology for body slimming, firming

and fat burning. EMS Body Contouring builds muscle and burns fat at the same time. Electromagnetic pulses induce supra-maximal muscle contractions which force muscle tissue to adapt, leading to an increase in muscle growth while burning fat through lipolysis. 

How does it work? 

Using HI-EMT (High Energy Focused Electromagnetic WaveTechnology) to continuously expand and contract autologous muscles and carry out extreme training to deeply reshape the internal structure of the muscle,

that is, the growth or muscle fibrils (muscle enlargement) and produce new protein chains and muscle fibres

(muscle hyperplasia), so as to train an increase muscle density and volume. The 100% extreme muscle

contraction of HI-EMT technology can trigger a large amount of fat decomposition, fatty acids are broken

down from triglycerides and accumulated in fat cells. The concentrations of fatty acids are too high ,causing

the fat cells to apoptosis, which is excreted by the body’s normal metabolism within a few weeks therefore strengthening and increasing muscle, and reduce fat at the same time.


In the 30-minute course of treatment, the muscles contract 20,000 times with high frequency

and high intensity. This type of muscle contraction phenomenon cannot be achieved in general exercise! Extreme muscle contraction requires a large amount of energy supply, so the fat cells

next to the muscle are also consumed, leading to natural apoptosis and effectively reducing fat thickness.