I V   Infusions


Auto-Immune Support IV Infusion

Designed for anyone suffering from any Auto-Immune condition to combat fatigue, improve mood, increase immune support, help sleep and reduce stress and


R 850

Energise IV Infusion

Packed full of all the Vitamin B's to restore energy, support the functioning of the Immune System and increase sporting performance.


R 850

Skin Lightening IV Infusion

Restore your youthful glow with this skin brightening infusion. Helps to reduce pigmentation for an even skin tone. 


R 850

Supercharge IV Infusion

Feeling Flat? Boost your energy, immune system and performance while detoxing and rehydrating from within


R 850

Immune Booster IV Infusion

This combination helps give back so your body's immune system functions optimally .


R 850

Fertility IV Infusion


Enhances fertility by improving the quality of the egg and sperm. This increases the chances of a healthy pregnancy.


R 850