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A medically based product that provides an advanced anti-aging solution.  Formulated by a plastic surgeon originally to treat and heal severe burn wound victims, this treatment is fast becoming an industry trend.  The combination of pure ingredients and extensive research produce a product which fights all the 7 signs of ageing.  With Optiphi, less is more! 

To quote Zanele Kumalo, Beauty Editor of Marie Claire magazine:

“Products produce immediate results and transform skin with each day of use. Incredibly light textures that work as though they're the most potent, rich creams. You can change your skin with this range.”


An organic skincare range sourced from wild African plants that offer excellent free-radical protection.  
Esse is certified organic by Ecocert France, accredited by PhytoTrade Africa and supports the Fair Trade movement. 
The founders of Esse believe it’s possible to be successful without compromising on ethics.  A simple philosophy:
“We do everything that we can to get our client’s skin healthy and resistant to the ageing process. We take a long-term view on skin health and don’t make sacrifices for short-term results.”


Biomedical Emporium® skin care products are formulated by a Biomedical Scientist to ensure safe, effective and high-quality skin care. All the Biomedical Emporium® products comprise of the very unique and explicit tertiary tissue-protective peptide technology synthesised by Dr Judey Pretorius. From basic peels to advanced microneedling, Biomedical can assist with all skin types and conditions from pigmentation, sunspots, acne and acne scaring, ice pick scaring, fine lines and wrinkles.