Chemical Peel | Glycolic

Improves pigmentation, skin health and molecular serum absorption. 


30 Minutes

R 450

Chemical Peel | Alkaline

Ideal to remove unwanted facial hair while treating pigmented 

skin as well as solar keratosis. 


30 Minutes

R 450 

Chemical Peel | Syntha C

Skin lightening and brightening Vitamin C components provide an anti-oxidant boost to environmentally damaged skin. 

Syntha C (Vitamin C) 

30 Minutes

R 600

Chemical Peel | Salicylic

Calming, improving and restoring sensitized skin, pH balance impaired skin and skin-immune deficiencies.  


30 Minutes

R 480

Chemical Peel | Layered

Ideal for hyper pigmentation, acne-scar / post-operative old scars or age related skin conditions. This treatment is concluded with the Biomedical Emporium Peptide Therapy to assure optimal skin densification and tissue restoration occurs as the healing phase is initiated. 

30 Minutes

R 620


Collagen Induction Therapy. This immediately provides nutrition in the dermal – epidermal junction to enhance not only collagen production but increase cellular turnover to densify, rebuild and reconstruct impaired dermal layers. This can be performed for every skin type or condition. 

  • Spot Treatment 45 Minutes

       R 500 

  • Standard 60 Minutes   

       R 850 

  • Gold Standard (Pure Retinoic Acid) 60 Minutes

       R 1400