•Fine Lines




•Under Eyes

•Nasolabial Folds


Wrinkle Relaxing Injections

•Frown Lines


•Crows Feet/Smile Lines •Eyebrow Lift

•Bunny Lines

•Chin Dimpling

•Jaw Clenching

•Facial Slimming

•Excessive Sweating •Consultation


•Micro Needling



•PRP Micro Needling

•Vampire Facial

•PRP Mesotherapy

•Vampire Facelift

•Hair Restoration



Dr Lerissa Chetty qualified as a medical doctor from the University of Witwatersrand in 2013, with a post graduate qualification of an Advanced Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine (cum laude). With a passion for cosmetic dermatology and aesthetic medicine, she has as completed multiple courses in skin health, injectables and minimally invasive aesthetic procedures. This has enabled her to understand the skin and body and their physiological ageing processes and, importantly, how to maintain vitality. With academia as a core passion, Dr Chetty dedicates a significant amount go time to continuous training in order to keep her skills sharp and knowledge up to date. She also finds joy in lecturing to and training doctors on various aesthetic medical procedures and practice development.


Her favourite procedures to perform include facial rejuvenation with dermal fillers and wrinkle relaxing injections, as well as skin enhancement and hair growth treatment with various PRP application techniques. Her practice is a coming together of her love for medicine and art and is a vehicle with which she hopes to make individuals feel like the most confident versions of themselves. “One of the reasons I entered the field of aesthetic medicine is because I want to modify the pre-existing views on aesthetics and beauty, and change the idea that it is acceptable to maintain your teeth, hair and nails but not your face.” Scientifically, beauty is about angles and ratios and although I appreciate this concept, my take on what makes someone truly beautiful is modified. I view beauty as a marriage of authenticity, confidence and the optimization of ones potential, whether it be your physical image or your mental space. In today’s age of the “Instagram face” -with razor sharp jawlines, overplumped lips and airbrushed skin being the current trend- my aim as an Aesthetic Physician is to shift the focus away from these cookie-cutter features, and redirect attention to the enhancement of ones’ own beauty.


My aim is to assist my patients in preserving and enhancing their Prime beauty -the best versions of themselves- by making use of positive aging solutions and medical skin rejuvenation treatment plans. I want my patients to feel empowered by the choice to undergo these medical beauty treatments rather than feeling like media is dictating how to look and what to think. Practically, I adopt a “less is more” approach, using “micro-optimizations” to achieve the fresh-faced look of the Prime beauty of youth, also paying particular attention to mental wellbeing and the psychology behind my patients’ motivation to consult with me. I have invested in training of the highest accreditation, affiliate my practice with brands backed by science and evidence, and only perform treatments that have predictable and desirable outcomes.